O ' Reilly : Good Evening Essay

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O’Reilly: Good evening Mr. Clay, I’d like to thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me this evening. Before we get started please let me extend this token of my appreciation for your thoughts, insights and answers tonight, especially as a political analyst, this particular time of year is most busy for you! A little bird told me about an author you so enjoy, who happens to be good friends with my family.

The former Governor, as you know, has a new book coming soon, and, as always, was gracious enough to meet me for a glass of wine to sign his new release to give to you. We spoke at length of your impressive work and you will notice in his inscription his appreciation for all the work you do. We discussed a statistic from one of your articles which you mentioned how the lower 95% of Americans combined, make less than the top 3% of the entourage. Incredibly staggering!

Mr. Clay: Thank you for both this opportunity and for the former Governor’s upcoming best seller. (chuckles)

O’Reilly: Mr. Clay, as I’ve described I’m going to be asking you a series of questions you have there in front of you about transformational leadership, and why I think it should rule the world (laughing). As a social worker, I have decided to conduct this interview in a biopsychosocial format breaking down each question into one of four categories; Emotional Factors, Social Factors, Spiritual Factors, And Physical Factors. If you’re ready, shall we proceed?

Mr. Clay: Yes, let us…

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