Nutritious Meals : An Array Of Healthy Ingredients For A Human Body

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Nutritious meals provide an array of healthy ingredients for a human body to function properly and efficiently. Such a simple fact is paramount to understanding when raising a child. Parents have an utmost responsibility to adhere to such a principle and be consistent with providing fresh and nourishing meals for their kids. Similarly, the childhood and adolescent years of my life are exceptionally memorable because of our family’s chef—my mom. As I recall, she went to the market several times a week and bought fresh produce, eggs, meat, fish, and put a tremendous amount of time and effort into the preparation of our meals. These portioned, yet filling servings undoubtedly satisfied my developing appetite. On occasion, of course, the family enjoyed going out and dining at the restaurants, where a vast variety of selections has always fascinated me. I could order anything from a given menu, order it multiple times, or ask for several different meals—the sky’s the limit. Accordingly, my eating habits have begun changing, the hunger compass routinely pointed to fast-food joints. Such a phenomenon has affected not just myself—everyone was engaged with ordering already cooked meals or dining at the restaurants. Consequently, home-cooking was gradually being replaced, and with that, our population has started to lose self-control over eating. While seemingly comforting and convenient, the limitless consumption of food has led the population into a weight-gain epidemic and the…

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