Nutritious Diet : Nutrition And Holistic Development Essay examples

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Nutritious diet

It is important for children to have a good nutritious diet as this can affect a child’s health and holistic development greatly, if these certain criteria’s are not met.

A healthy balanced diet is:
. When you are eating the right amount of food for how active you are.
. Eat a wide range of food.

Foods your diet should include:
. You need fruit and veg.
. Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and other starch foods. (Wholegrain when possible)
. You need some dairy products and milk, such as cheese and yoghurts, choosing lower-fat options when it is possible.
. You need some meat, fish, eggs, beans and other sources of protein that aren’t dairy products.
. You also need just a small amount of foods that are high in fat and sugar. Nutrients:
These are specific chemicals constituents of food that provide energy, support growth and repair or just the normal functioning of the body.

Here is a list of just a few nutrients that are essential to a child’s growth and holistic development:

B Vitamins- This is essential for the child’s nervous system and for their energy. Without energy, children are less likely to pay attention at school which in turn affects their cognitive development as they aren’t taking any information in.
Calcium- This is important for the child’s bones, it helps with the strengthening of bones. Without which the child’s physical development will falter as their bones won’t develop at the rate needed physically.
Carbohydrates- This is an…

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