Essay about Nutritional study worksheet

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Nutritional Study Worksheet

Resource: University of Phoenix Library and the Internet

Select one of the following topics to research:

Coffee or caffeine
Low-fat diets
Low-carb diets
Other nutrition topic approved by your instructor

Research your topic using 2 nutrition articles that discuss your topic, but provide opposing viewpoints. Use the Internet, the University Library, or the search links provided in the Week 2 Electronic Reserve Readings to locate the articles.

Write 50- to 200-word responses to each of the following questions based your findings. Use your own words and provide examples to support your answers.

1. What topic did you choose? Discuss the position of each of
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The information presented in each article was from 2008-2009 which was studied extensively over time. There was so many different studies done and then this articles were written. They did studies on men and women at different time periods, doing different things. Such as drinking coffee before bed, after bed, different amounts of coffee, drinking coffee then taking mediciations, drinking coffee and getting pregnant, how coffee effects your body short-term and long-term and how coffee has a positive and negative effect on your health, such as disease wise.

6. Now that you have gone through the details of each article, do you have any reservations about the information in either one? If so, explain why. Has the process of analyzing the two articles changed your opinion on the topic? Explain your answer.

After reading both articles I don’t have any reservations about the information in either one. I can say that while reading both articles I feel differently about the topic. I always though coffee was just plain bad for you, I never knew any of the positive effects if could have on your heart and body and mind. I know coffee wake up you and if you drink it before you go to sleep most times you won’t be able to fall asleep right away but, I never knew coffee could do so much good for your body. I find it pretty amazing and extremely interesting that caffeine could have such a positive effect on your body

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