Nutritional Choices Of School Lunches

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Many parents hope to have their children in good schools that offer effective academic opportunities. The schools of the Socorro Independent School District (SISD) offer their students ' these openings. But one thing that has bothered many students’ and parents was lunch choices they have to offer. The Socorro District plans what the schools will be serving every week. These meals are previously packaged and frozen. The only thing the cafeteria ladies have to is heat up the processed foods. Even though these schools distribute these types of lunches for their students ' they teach about upright eating habits. The schools are contradicting their own actions. These school’s lunches serve their students unhealthy food choices every week. If these schools don’t change their lunch choices, it can influence many of their student’s health and eating habits. Public schools in the Socorro District should alter their choices in the children’s meal plans. If our tax dollars are paying for our school lunches they should be spent in a wise decision for our children’s health.
The problem of obesity can not only be found in the homes of our community, but
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Many schools provide unhealthy meals that many schoolchildren don’t enjoy. They should provide healthier foods they meet the nutritional needs of students sustain their health. These schools should create a new lunch program that will help when they receive of new foods that may look a little exorbitant. And lastly, they should restrain the availability of restaurant that border the schools. If these schools continue to provide these inexpensive lunch meals, it can affect the health of the students when they get older. This will later result in high blood pressure, diabetes, and weight gain. Healthier food choice will likewise help children focus more in their classes, and have a better, happy lasting

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