Nutrition Essay examples

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Research has shown that the top health and nutrition concerns in America are associated with severe diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer and hypertension. Nutritionists assure that physical activity and eating the right foods are the best medicines. However, research shows that Americans do not follow the right recommendations. This was the main reason why I chose to teach this topic. Providing them with the right information and guidelines to face this issue is my goal.
Besides being well aware and informed about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, I am a person who is really passionate for food, cooking, and exercising. I am constantly reading and researching about nutritional news, facts and healthy ideas to include
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My lesson will be organized in three parts. First, I will inform the audience about health issues and the importance of a proper nutrition. Second, I will help them visualize additional advantages and rewards that will arise from a healthy life. And third, I will briefly provide solutions of a “healthy lifestyle” by showing them a brownie recipe.
The beginning of my lesson should be impressive so that learners motivate to remain focused until the end. I will mention the top health issues in America that were mentioned above. I will give this information in a way that the audience takes it seriously by telling them that poor nutrition leads to diseases that lead to death. This fact will be proved with statistics like “5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day” and “typical American diets exceeds the recommended levels of sugars, fats, sodium, and refined grains.” Again, I want to capture the learners’ interest in the topic at the introduction.
There are many other reasons why I will highly encourage a healthy lifestyle in this lesson. A nutritionist and journalist, Julie Boehlke, affirms that eating healthy and exercising lead to benefits like: increased energy, immunity, better looking, weight control, live longer, higher success rates in school/work and setting a good

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