Nutrition And Nutrition : I Rated Myself Essay

1156 Words Jan 5th, 2016 null Page
1.Diet and Nutrition: I rated myself as a six in regard to diet and nutrition. My short-term goal was to limit my coffee intake in a day and decrease the quantity of snacks that I eat in between meals and while studying. So far I have been able to successfully reduce the amount of coffee I drink to only three cups of coffee in a single day. Furthermore, I have been trying to eat wholesome snacks rather than unhealthy processed snacks. Which has helped decrease the amount that I eat, although there is still room for improvement in my calorie and carbohydrate intake.

2.Exercise and Fitness: The score which I gave to myself concerning exercise and fitness was a four. In comparison to the rest of my goals I made the least amount of progress on this particular short-term goal. I began lightly stretching before I went to sleep but as far as strenuous exercise I have neglected to invest time into working out. My roommate and I decided to start jogging together in the evenings so as to motivate one another and hold each other accountable to work out consistently.

3.Stress Mastery: I scored myself as a five concerning stress mastery. The goal that I had set was to journal every day and take a walk outdoors. Over the past few weeks I have begun journaling before I go to sleep, it has been an effective way to decompress and process events and emotions. I have been able to stick with this goal consistently and transform it into a habit rather than being erratic. My next…

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