Case Study Of An Actuary

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I. Summary of Problem
For this assignment, I choose to work with a 24 year old male who currently reports struggling with balancing both his work and personal life. As an actuarial analyst, he is required to take a series of exams throughout his professional career in order to achieve the official title of an Actuary. According to him, the exams take up a great deal of his time, and he is unable to partake in any events that he enjoys. In addition to taking these exams, he was recently married last year and feels as though he is not able to have a healthy relationship with his significant other due to his lack of time. He reported experiencing angry outburst towards his partner at home due to his inability to effectively express his emotions.
Together, the client and I made a list of his greatest concern and rated each problem from the most to the least important according to him. After making this list, we discovered that the main problems for him was an inability to regulate his emotions and effectively
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The targets were identified as follows:
Target 1: Reduce angry outburst towards spouse from 6 times per day to 2 times per day
Target 2: Increase hours of sleep from 5 hours per night to 9 hours per night
Target 3: Decrease physical symptoms of stress from a 9 on the individualized rating scale to a 4.
IV. Monitoring Procedures
Multiple methods were used to monitor the client’s target behaviors. I choose to use three different methods: Interactive log, unobtrusive measure, and individualized rating scale. I choose each method for various reasons. First, focusing on the target behavior of reducing angry outburst towards his spouse, I decided to use an interactive log to help the client track when these outbursts were occurring and to identify what elements may be influencing the occurrence of this unwanted

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