Nutrition And Dietary Needs And Rely On Our Doctors For Guidance

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Most of us do not have extensive knowledge in nutrition and dietary needs and rely on our doctors for guidance. However, there are experts among those who, through trial and error, have found dietary restrictions/additions that have improved their health when their doctors felt their thyroid hormone prescription was enough. Several informative articles about people who have turned their negative symptoms of hyperthyroidism around and are at their current “optimal health” despite having hypothyroidism can be found listed on such websites such as Hypothyroid Mom. Dana Trentini, founder of Hypothyroid Mom, is the WINNER of two 2014 WEGO Health Activist Awards: Health Activist Hero & Best In Show Twitter (Trentini, 2015). According to her website (Trentini, 2015), Hypothyroid Mom has 2,556,197 monthly page views with 743,580 monthly unique visitors from 213 countries in the world.” In addition, Trentini (2015) has a large following on Facebook. One article written by Micah Grzynowicz How food Changed the Life of this Hashimotos Warrior is quoted as saying “food played a huge role in my healing journey” (Trentini, 2015). Micah (Trentini, 2015) speaks about the turning point that helped her realize she needed to take matters into her own hands:
I stumbled upon an article about Hashimoto’s and gluten… and my jaw dropped. The article said that eating gluten while having Hashimoto’s was like putting gasoline on a fire and even though one takes their meds, the attack on the…

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