Essay on nursing skills

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This essay is going describe the skills that student nurses need to demonstrate to show that they have a clear understanding of good nursing practice. This essay will focus on four inter-related skills that complement each other in achieving goals (Barker 2007). The goal that these nursing skills seek to achieve is good nursing practice as according to Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC 2008) mission of protecting the health and welfare of the public. NMC is the National Regulatory body that stipulates and regulates standards of education, training, and conduct of nurses and midwives throughout Great Britain and islands. They have published four core principles to ensure people are treated as individuals with respect and dignity …show more content…
‘Sully 2012’. This means a nurse can employ different skills to communicate to patients, professionals, relatives, doctors and participate in a multi-disciplinary team. The skills for communication that nurse may use to communicate with the patients differs significantly from the way they would communicate with a medical doctor. When communicating with allied professionals, the nurse tend to use a lot of jargon.

Lancaster ( 2010) described interpersonal skills as the key factor to a therapeutic relationship as everything else positive is boosted by the presence of this skill. To this effect she cited Rogers’,(1951) core conditions to therapeutic relationship. These include empathy , congruence and unconditional positive regards. The student nurse should be able to make patient feel beyond doubt the sincerity and truthfulness, honesty and genuineness from all a student nurse’s procedures and dealings. Empathy is the ability of student nurse to imagine self in a patient‘s shoes and sense the experience of that what a patient is going through. Unconditional positive regards means that a student nurse should show acceptance and respect to the patient to demonstrate that they still value a patient as an individual even in the situation a patient might be. When a patient wishes to confide in a student nurse with sensitive issues, a student nurse should remove all barriers of communication like environmental barriers by taking a patient to quiet room

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