Nursing Shortage And Death And Dying Essay example

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I graduated from nursing school in 2013. I started working as a nurse a few months after passing NCLEX. I have been a nurse over two years in ICU’s step down called SCU. I have learned a lot in nursing, most of the good and the bad. However, a few memorable moments includes nursing shortage and death and dying. Nursing shortage causes lack of adequate patient’s care and undesired outcome. On the other hand, I have also experienced care for an old patient at her end of life. I struggled emotionally because it was difficult to deal with the physical loss.
Key words: new nurse, nursing experience, death and dying, nursing shortage.

My Journey as a Nurse and Unforgettable Experiences I graduated from Mohawk Valley Community College with associated degree in nursing class of 2013. Only a few months later, I was scheduled to take the NCLEX and passed with the first attempted. I was interviewed at Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown and offered a position as a night nurse on Special Care Unit (SCU). The excitement and fear of starting a new career as a nurse was indescribable. I am the first person in my family that has graduated from college. I have been an RN for a little over two years and I love and cherish every moments of it. Although, not all experiences are glorious and cheering but it was definitely memorable.
Never Enough Staffing It is not uncommon in healthcare to hear one of the most frustrating words, short staff. “The U.S. is projected to experience a shortage…

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