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Nursing Theory
Ashlee Seek
South University

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Nursing Theory
Nursing Autobiography
My background in nursing includes an acute care hospital setting and a physician?s office in which we cared for patients with both acute and chronic illnesses. I graduated with my associate degree in nursing in 2003. Upon graduation I gained employment on a cardiac step-down unit at my local community hospital, Munroe Regional Medical Center (MRMC). Although the focus was cardiac in nature, I had exposure to a variety of medical-surgical health ailments. In 2004 I was offered a full-time position as a rounding nurse for a pulmonologist. I accepted the position but stayed on PRN at the hospital. During this time I started working on prerequisites for a bachelors degree in nursing. I enjoyed the hospital component of rounding but the office was full of monotony. I took vital signs, phoned in prescriptions upon the doctor?s order and answered phone calls. I missed the front line action of acute care in the hospital. Within one year I returned to a full-time position at MRMC but this time as a resource nurse. At the time, there were seven nurses on my team. I got many certifications, including critical care. I was to call staffing one hour prior to starting my shift, they would give me the assignment for that day. I went anywhere from labor and delivery to ICU and everything in between. I learned so much as a…

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