Essay on Nursing MedSurg Lewis Ch. 16 - Cancer

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1. The nurse is caring for a patient suffering from anorexia secondary to chemotherapy. Which strategy would be most appropriate for the nurse to use to increase the patient's nutritional intake?
A. Serve three large meals per day plus snacks between each meal.
B. Add items such as skim milk powder, cheese, honey, or peanut butter to selected foods.
C. Increase intake of liquids at mealtime to stimulate the appetite.
D. Avoid the use of liquid protein supplements to encourage eating at mealtime.

2. The patient is receiving an IV vesicant chemotherapy drug. The nurse notices swelling and redness at the site. What should the nurse do first?
A. Call the ordering health care provider.
B. Ask the patient if the site
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A bland, low-fiber diet
C. A diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables
D. A high-protein, high-calorie diet

11. When caring for the patient with cancer, what does the nurse understand as the response of the immune system to antigens of the malignant cells?
A. Tumor angiogenesis
B. Immunologic surveillance
C. Immunologic escape
D. Metastasis

12. The patient with breast cancer is having teletherapy radiation treatments after her surgery. What should the nurse teach the patient about the care of her skin?
A. Avoid heat and cold to the treatment area.
B. Scented lotion can be used on the area.
C. Use Dial soap to feel clean and fresh.
D. Wear the new bra to comfort and support the area.

13. Which cellular dysfunction in the process of cancer development allows defective cell proliferation?
A. Cell differentiation
B. Activation of oncogenes
C. Proto-oncogenes
D. Dynamic equilibrium

14. The patient is receiving biologic and targeted therapy for ovarian cancer. What medication should the nurse expect to administer before therapy to combat the most common side effects of these medications?
A. Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
B. Ondansetron (Zofran)
C. Ibuprofen (Advil)
D. Morphine sulfate

15. The nurse is caring for a patient receiving an initial dose of chemotherapy to treat a rapidly growing metastatic colon cancer. The nurse is aware that this patient is

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