Nt1310 Unit 3 Application Paper

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GUI (Graphical User Interface), Wireshark allows a live view of the network traffic on the network card it is listening to.
2.9 Our approach to improving the throughput of QoS with SDN:
2.9.1 Setup and run Mininet and controller
The first step installs Mininet in Ubuntu operation system, we are don't using a virtual machine and then install Ryu controller in OS.
2.9.2 Create custom network
We must be to create a custom network as appropriate with our thesis such as star topology or random topology or simple topology [35], by using the python script to make the network and must be to create topology like in chapter four to compare the result and throughput with other paper.
2.9.3 Design algorithm
We need to get the best result and best throughput
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2.9.5 Run controller and Mininet
Run the Mininet from the terminal of Ubuntu and run Xterm window for controller and switches and host. And run the two applications in Ryu Xterm window for more details about how to run this application see chapter four. And put the version of OpenFlow for the network in Xterm of switches in this thesis using OpenFlow version three. And put the queue for a network by send the orders from to switches see chapter four ,here must be to open two Xterm windows ,first to run the applications and second for send the order for switches.

2.9.6 Send and receive

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