Nursing Is An Occupation Than A Profession Essays

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Nursing has been a long-standing occupation traditionally lacking the definition of a formed profession. Historically, the judicial system viewed the nursing as an occupation than a profession. The previous nurse image failed to show and autonomous provider of care, rather a subordinate “handmaiden” to the physician, who is implementing routine and repetitive care (Hoeve and Roodbol, 2014).In contention with physicians, nurses exercise independent judgment, accountability, and responsibility for self-actions in the care of the patient. Despite the attitudes and the stereotypical image of a female nurse, significant developments in education, research, and vertical advancements have met the criteria of nursing as a profession. In contrast, an occupation performs on the job training, lacks accountability, the identity is not maintained by values and beliefs, or suffers from abolished internalized values, roles, and culture of the occupation.
Genevieve Knight Bixler and Roy White Bixler, a husband and wife team, in 1945 wanted to improve the status of nursing as a profession establishing seven criteria. According to Bixler and Bixler (1945), the traditional standard of a profession commonly recognized as a service to man or society as the primary objective. The profession’s goals are further differentiated by the fine arts and those dependent on philosophy and science. Criteria 1: A Profession must possess a unique body of specialized knowledge. The nursing profession…

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