Personal Experience: A Career As A Nurse

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“Nursing is one of the fine arts: I almost said the finest of arts.” -Florence Nightingale We sat down and her purse got its own seat. Kate was wearing a gorgeous smelling perfume that filled our area. The table was full of lunch foods and two chocolate chip cookies. The first 20 minutes of our meeting was purely catching up. We chatted about our days and mutual friends. Her phone rang and that brought our attention to the purpose of the meeting, which was the interview. I learned so much about Kate that I never knew. This two-hour conversation humbled and encouraged me. I want to show that Kate is a compassionate, intelligent, and persistent woman.
As far back as Kate can remember, her dream job was to become an orthodontist. She hated her braces so much that she wanted to find a way to make them more bearable for others. Even at a young age she was still hoping to better the people around her. As she grew older, her thinking started to change. In high school her goal was to become a doctor. To reach this goal she decided to attend Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania. This school is renowned for getting their students into medical school. After she had graduated with her Bachelor’s of Science in Neuroscience, she took her MCAT,
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She told me that patients come in promptly at eight in the morning. She will see three or four patients every hour. After looking over their medical history, she will assess the patient. During this time, she discusses any current changes. After the visit she must chart her finding, but with time so tight she usually ends up charting at home. That does not bother her though. Kate is able to return to school to receive her DNP, Doctors of Nursing Practice, which would be her next step up. At this current time, she is not interested in going but does not deny that it would advance her career and she hopes to

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