Nursing Ethics: Meaning Of Ethics In Nursing

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Concept 1: Ethics in healthcare: meaning of ethics, bioethics and law
Ethics in general refers to every behavior exhibited that has to do with morality or moral values. In nursing ethics refers to the acceptable conduct of a nurse as regards her responsibility to provide services. Providers are continually confronted with ethical issues during their practice.
1.1 Personal Context:
Personally, there could not have been a better way of streamlining nurses actions and responsibilities except through introduction and development of a code of ethics. The components and the concepts of nursing ethics is the bedrock of successful therapeutic care provision.
1.2 Social Context:
In many low and middle income countries with weak healthcare system and poor knowledge
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4.1: Personal context: These organization roles can’t be under looked as they shape the nursing practice. Being a registered member of any of these is an opportunity to continually get updates about nursing ethics and practice. Information about how the public view nursing profession, practice is important.
4.2: Social context:
There is already a definition of nurse and public interaction ICN outline; giving standard of practice
Nurse and people, nurse and co-worker, nurse and the profession and nurse and practice. Embedded in these 4 elements are acceptable conducts that nurses should exhibit.
4.3 Application in current job:
I am employed as a nurse though am working on a public health project. It is my responsibility to renew my license, to update my knowledge and to follow the NMC requirement.
Concept.5: Ethics and law

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