Nursing Differences In Nursing

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• Western Hills: o The nurse spent about half of my observation at the computer. This was spent reviewing charts, the schedule, documenting, and scheduling patients. o The nurse spent the first hour before patients arrived preparing face sheets for the provider to use when he went into the patients room. o After the nurse greeted and assessed the patient, she would spend about 10 minutes charting the information from the assessment, and any changes in the patient’s health history or medications. Prior to the patient leaving the nurse would then document any interventions provided and medications administered. o The nurse also spent about a total of 40 minutes, during my observation on the phone trying to get patients moved around and scheduled.
Hospital: o The nurse at the hospital performs the physical assessments and usually passes medications before they begin charting. o Usually, once the priority tasks are completed in the hospital (assessment, medications), the nurse will sit down for about 2 hours and chart their information. Depending on if a patient needs a PRN medication or a call light goes off, this time can vary significantly. o The nurse typically charts,
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This nurse provided leadership among their peers by having positive communication, sharing their knowledge if another member of the team had a question, and also helping the other members of the team when they were behind. For example, when I arrived at my clinical, the nurse I was supposed to follow was gone. Therefore, one of the nurses took leadership and said I could follow her for the day. However, that still meant that the nurse I was supposed to have still had a whole day full of patients. Another nurse took these patients for the shift, however, my nurse was constantly assisting with the extra load of patients which helped so nobody was too

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