Palliative Case Study End Of Life Nursing

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Nursing is an art that requires firm dedication. The nursing profession is more intricate in the health care set up. In reference to the case study of Sunjita a woman who is suffering from ovarian cancer that is in the last stages the role of the nurse is seen to be vital. The case study depicts the main purpose of palliative care to the end life process patients and the role the nurse’s play in ensuring the goals of the patients is achieved. The main problem at stake is the laws governing the nursing profession in the Australia. The decisions of the patients have to be adhered to regardless of the pain they are undergoing through. For instance, Sunjita chooses to die from home, and curative treatment is restricted. The desired
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The process encompasses numerous aspects like pain and symptoms culturally sensitive practices, assisting patients and their families. A palliative acre is regarded as the total care given to patients whose disease is not responsive to curative treatment. The main aim of palliative care is to provide quality treatment for the patients and their families as in the case of Sunjita and her family. It is a process that affirms life and takes death as a normal process (Chaska, 2009) .The care provides relief for the pain experienced by the patients and other distressing symptoms like the one Sunjita has. There is the combination of the psychological and spiritual aspect of the patient care and offers a support system that assist to keep the patient lively. It is in this regard that the role of nurses is articulated. The nurse plays a vital role in the end life process of the patient. The major role of the nurse is to provide quality care at the end of the life (Fowler, 2008). It is a time when curative treatment is not possible or no longer anticipated by the suffering patient. The health care providers have the mandate to respect their wishes and ensure they come true. The nurses act as advocates for the provision of decorous and human end of life care. However advocacy comes in two ways of the provision of information and support to the patient. The nurses provide compassionate guidance and …show more content…
Collaboration goes hand in hand with communication (Lafferty & Dickey, 2008). Collaboration leads to the good flow of the patient information, employee morale, and satisfaction. Hence, good communication encourages the collaboration of the team members and assists in the prevention of errors to the patient treatment and care .Collaboration among the team members enables the team members to see their roles as important to the team.In addition to open communication and equality of resources in the healthcare

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