Essay Against Euthanasia

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There is no quality of life when the patient is dead. Quality of life is defined by health care officials as the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced patients in a health care setting. Health care officials are given a responsibility by the community to uphold a standard such as the quality of life, to preserve life at all costs. Issues such as euthanasia, directly conflict with the duty health care officials have been given. Euthanasia is the legalization of physician assisted suicide; it 's the pain-less killing of a patient from an incurable and painful disease. Euthanasia should not be utilized by any health care administration! Euthanasia is a practice of power seeking, moral-less attributes and murderess qualities, all of which are unacceptable in the world of health care and nursing. When palliative care or hospice has been offered, most patients were able to adapt and continue life in ways they might not have been able to before, studies show (Harned). A proponent to defend against euthanasia would be alternative treatments that are available for pain and incurable disease such as palliative care, hospice, or long term community care. These programs are available in the community to give more intimate care …show more content…
It is our duty to first inform a patient of all choices that are had as previously stated. Supporters of euthanasia believe that allowing a person to die with dignity is far kinder of a gesture than forcing than to suffer and continue with life. (Arguments For and Against Euthanasia). Who is the right person to make that determination of ending life; the government, the president, or the doctor? There is no perfect answer. Some believe that every patient has a right to choose when to die, but in regards to taking a life, a slippery slope argument, when are the right conditions, or the right

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