Nursing : An Art And A Science Essay

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Nursing in Theory
Nursing is both an art and a science. In how one deals with the emotional stressors from both the job and the people one interacts with, to how to deal with a situation on the floor and to dealing with patients. The purpose of this paper shall be an in depth look into how a nursing manager uses the tools available to them to help their employees curb the overall stress load. This paper shall also look into the process of policy and the thought that goes into them.
Literature Review
The purpose of the article Why the Nation Needs a Policy Push On Patient-Centered Health Care By Epstein, Fiscella, Lesser, and Strange is to help describe patient-centered care and why it matters.
Patient-centered care ultimately derives from the healing relationships between clinicians and patients and, by extension, patients’ family members. A patient-centered approach fosters interactions in which clinicians and patients engage in two-way sharing of information; explore patients’ values and preferences; help patients and their families make clinical decisions; facilitate access to appropriate care; and enable patients to follow through with often difficult behavioral changes needed to maintain or improve health(Epstein, Fiscella, Lesser, & Strange, 2010).
The article prioritizes treating the patient holistically, treating each area in order for a smoother healing process. This article also explains why this particular brand of care is important, as not only helps the…

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