Transformational Leadership: Making Changes In The World

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To make changes in the world, people have to be willing to accept that they need to make changes within themselves and their communities first. There are awful things that happen every day and it only takes one person or a couple of people to stand up for what is right. The leadership style that brings these concepts together is transformational leadership; a style in which a leader works with others to identify a change, create a plan, and make the change a reality. Transformational Leadership matters because if one person notices a problem within them or community, they are able to bring others who feel the same way together to start the movement that will change their community. Through her research, Jennifer Eberhard has shown that there is a growing problem with the relationship between police and the communities they serve and the main contributor to this issue is race and has been able to rally those around her to close the gap between the two. …show more content…
First coined by James MacGregor Burns, Transformational Leadership isn’t just about the leader and the end result to a problem, it is about how the leader plays off his or her followers and vice versa (Burns, 1978). It is about how to get to the goal and how that journey changes the

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