Nurse Burnout In Nursing

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Vacation scheduling may mean that there is a shortage of available nurses to do the jobs (Waddillgoad, Suzane ,2017). When there are many nurses on vacation or taking vacation at the same time, there will be more stress for the remains working nurses in the department as there are a lot of work to be completed by a few nurses. I think when people are in stress, they cannot control their thoughts. A nurse may be anger at workload, and frustrated, and a nurse may have verbal abuse. I believe that work demands and lack of time to finish are the major cause of stress for nurses, and the stress can lead to emotional exhaustion.
Moreover, the stresses within the nursing environment also include the following factors: uncertainty of duties under
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Waddillgoad, Suzane (2017) has discussed that nurses lack of control in the working environment due to mandates driven by the hospital organization. Nurses work under the rules that are made by hospital organizations, so nurses must live with these hospital culture where nurses do not like those rules at all. As a matter of fact, the nurses must go through all the stressful situation. In the reality, nurses and physicians may face similar stress while they are working in the same hospital. However, physicians can open physicians’ own clinics where physicians do not have to follow the rule made by the hospitals. On the other hands, nurses cannot open clinics, so nurses have to work under …show more content…
During the work shift, nurse may have to move machines or equipment within the neonatal units. In addition, some nurses take classes that make them more busy and tired while they are at work. Nurses who work night shifts will experience more stress and burnout than nurses who work in daylight. Also, NICU nurses must meet the expectations of society’s needs and parents’ needs that can cause the development of emotional labor to the NICU nurse. As the result, the NICU nurse may develop of mood disorders such as depression, emotional labor, absenteeism from work, burnout, suicidal intention or ideation. I believe that moving equipment and transferring babies are involved in physical works, and nurse can get more stress by doing all that physical works multiple times a day and routinely. I think that it is a worse scenario for a nurse to have suicidal intention. Here, I can see that stress is the main factor that will lead to the end of nurse’s daily

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