Essay on Nurses : The And The Monumental Paradigm Of Nursing

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Nurses have a major commonality, which is the understanding of the defining basis of their career. The phrase “Do no harm” has been the foundation and the monumental paradigm of nursing. Author Lucy Hood elaborated on the meaning of the “Do no harm” by stating, “When acting as moral agents, nurses assume responsibility and accountability to do no harm” (Hood, 2013 p. 26). She continued to describe the relationship between nurses and clients as, “Clients trust nurses with their lives, and professional nurses must never violate this sacred trust” (Hood, 2013 p. 26). Nurses are highly trusted individuals who take care of their clients at what could be described as possibly their weakest and most vulnerable time. It is a nurse’s duty to not only treat the client with top quality care, but to look after the client’s safety while under their direct supervision. Nurses are able to provide safe care by maintaining numerous competencies, and interacting with all members of the interdisciplinary staff.
Aspects of Safety Safety is held in high regard throughout all healthcare professions. Maureen Hemingway, Catherine O’Malley, and Sandra Silvestri (2015) stated, “Commitment to a culture of safety in the perioperative setting is essential to a hospital’s ability to improve patient care, prevent surgical errors, and function as a high-reliability organization” (p. 406). An important aspect of safety is communication. The ability to communicate effectively within the interdisciplinary…

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