Nurses Should Advocate For Equal Accessibility Of Health Care Services And Support System For All Elderly

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In terms of healthy aging, as a nurse, I think there must be equal opportunities for immigrant as well as the natives to grow with the concept of age-friendly communities by enhancing the abilities and independence. Nurses should advocate for equal accessibility of health care services and support system for all elderly. Approach to aging people should be always positive without any prejudices and biases. After changing the mindset and perceive aging as a stage in our lives that can be as rewarding, exciting and interesting as any of the other stages. Nurses should focus in healthy aging because this will reduce the effects of chronic illness, and disabilities in later life. For example if older seniors are encouraged to perform the activities of daily living as far as they can will promote their independence and provides them a sense of achievement. This phenomena is referred as the “compression of Morbidity”, with direct outcomes and the benefits from healthy aging. (Kalache, Aboderin, & Hoskins, 2002).
Nurses can focus on the client-centred care, it can be done through the active involvement of seniors in their own decision by providing various information related to health care system, community centers and help them for informed decision making. The value, and respect given to the seniors are rewards essential for their active aging. The four folds of healthy aging: dignity, independence, quality and choice should be taken into consideration while taking care of the…

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