Essay about Nurses Is Extremely Rewarding For The Patient And The Nurse

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While most people consider nursing to be extremely rewarding for both the patient and the nurse, when regarding the impact both will have on each other 's lives, very few people truly understand the pressures nurses deal with on a daily basis. A large portion of this stress is due to the nature of work that comes with the job, such as mandatory overtime and labor intensive work, a majority of the stress is induced by health care system 's tendency to be understaffed. Being understaffed simply means that the hospital does not have enough employees hired or working to meet the needs of the current patient count. Due to the short staffing, nurses are required to take on more patients that they can handle, for example, in a sample of 168 Pennsylvania hospitals the average patient-to-nurse ratio ranged anywhere from four patients for each nurse to eight patients for every one nurse (Aiken). This large, uneven patient-to-nurse ratio has greatly impacted the quality of life for both the patient and nurse. In order to better the quality of life of nurses and patients within hospitals and other health care systems the infrastructure within the workplaces needs to be adjusted. Although there is a massive list of factors that have influenced the short staffing in hospitals, the factors that have most influenced it are: less people working in the field, the heightened amount of patients in hospitals, low economic funding, and the aging nursing staff. While nursing has become…

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