Nurse-To-Patient Errors

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To think and act like a nurse, one needs to learn and understand the theories of nursing because it is the fundamental to building knowledge, improving patients care, and providing quality care. Nurses are the center of the health care team and the sacrifices we make to give each individual top quality to complex care makes nurses phenomenal.
Nurse to patient ratio and medical errors
The high nurse-to-patient ratio endanger patient health by hindering access to immediate needed health care. Less staffing pushes nurses to create short cut and changes in concentration that fraught with danger for the attention needed to ensure patient safety. If nurses are not careful, wrong dose of medication or unforeseen medical error can occur due to overtiredness which can impede the standard of care for patients and lead to future unnecessary expenses (Hairr, Salisbury &Redfern, 2014)
Within the healthcare industry, human error has been a major cause of accident for decades and it enacts substantial financial and health related cost to humanities. Gluyas & Morrison (2014) mentioned some broad factors that leads to human errors as multiple distractions, task overload, stress, insufficient knowledge related to work and overfatigue. The scarcity of nurses can lead
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Consecutive sample was use through electronic survey such as Facebook, my space, nursing listerv’s and for 30 days. The nursing Work index (NWI) was the survey tool used to measure the job satisfaction. Coefficient Analysis was used to determine significance associations between job satisfaction and nurse staffing and variables of retaining nurses (Hairr, Salisbury &Redfern, 2014). The sturdy did find a connection between job satisfaction and decrease nurse to patient ratio during a work

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