Nurse Patient Ratio : Nurses Essay

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Nurse-Patient Ratio Imagine you are in a hospital bed dealing with a tremendous amount of pain, and your nurse is not around to give you medication to put you at ease because he or she has five other patients and just has not gotten around to you yet. How does that make you feel? Look into the nurse 's perspective, they are running around for twelve or twenty-four hours because of being understaffed, while constantly checking on patients and also getting interrupted by family members complaints. How do you think the nurse feels? This issue occurs everyday in hospitals all around, and has been an ongoing issue for quite some time. The nurse-patient ratio is too high, giving a minimum amount of nurses to a maximum amount of patients. This makes nurses exhausted running from patient to patient, which leads to inadequate care for patients. The staffing of nurses needs to be increased for a decrease in medical and medication errors, reduced fatigue in nurses, and a decrease in patient complications. Medical and medication errors made by nurses are very dangerous. A medical error can be made by a nurse if they get patients mixed up. When getting patients mixed up, nurses will give treatments or medication to the wrong patients. Giving the wrong treatment can be dangerous depending on how big the treatment is. It could be a simple one like putting a cast on the wrong limb, or a huge one like sending a patient in for the wrong surgery. When a doctor prescribes medication to a…

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