Gender Shortage In Nursing

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The nursing shortage has been present for many years, however, the shortage has grown in the past years and has become widely known. The nursing shortage may have affected patient care and hospital staff efficiency. There are quite a few causes for the shortage, including the large effects of the baby boomer population, difficulty of the practice, and the gender dominance in the nursing workplace. The shortage was a predictable oncoming event that was expected to happen and was no surprise, however addressing the problem has become difficult.
A major factor for the nursing shortage was the viciously large baby boomer generation and its flooding into the health care workforce. The largest generation in American history was the baby boomer
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There is a large problem with this situation; it is causing a lack of potential male nurse to even consider becoming a nurse. The American association for men in nursing (AAMN) is actually encouraging men to enroll in nursing school and plan to increase the male enrollment into nursing programs my twenty percent by 2020. When thinking of nurses most imagine a female; however, this is creating a gap of nursing positions that should be filled with males. The stereotypical image of all nurses being female 's has itself caused a shortage of nurses across America. Although, there has been a slight increase in male nurses in the past 10 years. According to the American community survey (ACS) in the United States Census Bureau, “Man 's reputation among licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses grew from 3.9 percent in 1970 to 8.1 percent in 2011." Even though there is not a major increase in male nursing staff the jump allowed the shortage to earn a bit of help. Men joining the nursing field is increasing every year and hopefully continues to grow. Men are actually needed as a bedside nurse, because strength is needed to help elderly patients move and get up. Heavier and larger patient 's may treated poorly when there is a shortage of males available; small female nurses may not be able to move the patient and just give up. …show more content…
However, many more reasons factor right along in with those few. The shortage of nursing staff is putting higher stress on workers and is forcing patients to face consequences. “Save lives. Be a nurse.” The nursing shortage has allowed this slogan to originate and attempt to persuade many to become a nurse and ‘save lives’ hopefully shrinking the nursing

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