Nurse Culture Assessment Essay

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Cultural Assessment
June 14, 2008

Abstract In order to deliver nursing care to different cultures, nurses are expected to understand and provide culturally competent health care to diverse individuals. Culturally competent care is tailored to the specific needs of each client, while incorporating the individual’s beliefs and values (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2006, p. 90). By being culturally competent, nurses are able to help improve health outcomes by using cultural knowledge and specific skills in selecting interventions that are specific to each client (Stanhope & Lancaster). Therefore, nurses “should perform a cultural assessment on every client with whom they interact with” (Stanhope &
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Obviously, success is pertinent within the Indian culture. Indians are known for their hard work, vitality and dynamism. However, although looked as highly important, the family’s overall impression of these values do not define who a person is; these values are appreciated. Growing up, Mrs. P learned that every action requires thinking because any decision might have a negative effect on the family, and how society will react. Family reputation is very important and in the Indian culture, individuals must be careful not to do anything to put down the family name. The Indian culture is very family-oriented, which is why family comes first. In health and in sickness, the family takes care of each other.
Cultural Sanctions and Restrictions According to the client, there are no cultural sanction and restrictions that the client is aware of. For the most part, Mrs. P believes that since the parents were open-minded to the fact of living in the United States, a strict Indian culture was not experienced during childhood. The parents understood what kind of environment the children were in and did not expect Mrs. P and the brother to be restricted to an Indian lifestyle.
As far as communication is concerned, Mrs. P informed the author that communication involves all members of the family, friends, and community. However, the Indian culture affects the way individuals communicate with family and friend by restricting certain topics when inappropriate. For

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