Essay about Nuclear Power

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Since the end of the last century, the development of modern technology and science has played a significant role as measure to resolve energy crisis and global warming issues which resulted in life sustaining remedies and causes of mass destruction. However, many scientists agree that the earth’s fossil fuel supplies are dramatically depleting and this challenge will be a meaningful hurdle for future generations. Therefore, many countries may need to find new productive energy sources in order to tackle this problem. Many proponents of nuclear power suggest that the benefits of nuclear power could be capable of alleviating climate change crisis due to its cost-effective and capability to supply the world’s energy needs. In contrary, …show more content…
In America, a new nuclear power station may cost from $12 billion up to $18 billion and its construction required substantial concrete and steel (Grunewald 2008). Meanwhile, the price of constructional material has increased dramatically in recent years and this enhances construction cost of nuclear power plant. Furthermore, the spending of nuclear power plant in safety can be costly. For instance, in Britain, the nuclear industry spends millions of pound on its own safety (Bleasdale 2008). Therefore, the total economic cost of nuclear power requires tremendous government subsidy, undoubtedly this will expand taxpayer’s burden. Although nuclear power is more efficient than the other form of energy, its economic cost enhance barrier to develop nuclear industry. In contrast to renewable energy, nuclear power is more expensive. For example, in the United States, there is one 64MW commercial-scale solar energy, called Nevada Solar One, costs around $220 to 250 million(Broehl 2006). Unlike nuclear power which requires billion dollars investment, renewable energy is easier to access for poor countries. The poor countries can develop different type of renewable energy base on their geographic feature and mix diverse alternative energy to provide sufficient electricity.

Another major concern of nuclear power is the negative health effects of radiation can lead to health risks like leukaemia, thyroid cancer and genetic disease. The nuclear radiation can increase the

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