Essay about Nuclear Energy Industry And Senior Level Careers

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The nuclear industry encompasses an extremely diverse set of various types of jobs. Engineers are needed to design solutions to both current and future plants. Mechanics, electricians, and other technicians are needed to maintain plants in ready to operate condition. Additionally, there are other auxiliary services required for tasks such as construction and refueling. The focus of this report will be on nuclear plant operators and technicians. Even within this specialized section of nuclear power careers, there is a large diversity of duties and responsibilities. Careers in this field have ample opportunity for advancement and specialization. There are many signs that the industry will have at least a sustained demand into the foreseeable future. This report introduces the industry such that no prior knowledge is necessary to understand.

Objectively, this report gives a brief overview of the following aspects of nuclear power operations:

• The scale of the nuclear energy industry in the United States
• Reactor operator description and basic requirements to starting this career path
• Future outlook of the nuclear energy industry and senior-level careers
• Alternative applications of Engineering Technology degrees

A Brief Description of Nuclear Power Generation

Electricity is a base requirement for modern society, and overall electricity demand is projected to steadily grow. The United States remains a leader in nuclear power generation. Alone, the…

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