NT1310 Unit 10 Lab 1 Building A New Structure- Problem Analysis

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NT1310 Unit 10 Lab 1
Building A New Structure- Problem Analysis

Troubleshooting fiber
Fiber optic cable was once reserved for high-performance needs, but today it’s turning up in all kinds of networks. If you’re familiar with copper cable, you’ll quickly discover that fiber optic cable is a completely different animal. Not only is the installation process different for fiber, but also the troubleshooting process. Fiber optic cable is also far more fragile than copper cable, so there are more potential causes of trouble. I’ll discuss common fiber optic cable problems and how to diagnose and repair them. The most common causes of fiber optic malfunctionsAnyone who’s ever done network troubleshooting knows it’s a
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If you don’t have a laser pointer, a bright flashlight works just as well. Fiber optic cable is designed to conduct light, so you don’t have to worry too much about exactly lining up the cable with the light source. If no light comes through the cable, then the cable is broken and needs to be replaced. If light does come through the cable, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the cable is good; it just means that the fiber inside the cable hasn’t been completely destroyed. However, if the light comes through the cable and the cable run is shorter than a hundred meters, then the cable will often be good enough to use.

Additional diagnostic techniques
If the laser pointer or flashlight can pass light through the fiber optic cable, then it’s time for some further diagnosis. I tend to favor the process of elimination when diagnosing fiber optic problems. I usually begin by disconnecting the troubled computer from the fiber optic cable and connecting a PC or laptop--that I know to be good--to the cable. If the good PC is able to function, then I know that the cable isn't the problem. It could be due to a damaged NIC, or a configuration problem could be preventing the computer from recognizing the NIC properly. For example, the NIC might be conflicting with another device in the system, or a necessary DLL file might be corrupt. If the good computer

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