Nt1310 Unit 1 Editing Assignment

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The editing assignment was very interesting that. Our group’s goal was to make the edit as similar as possible to the original. I thought it would be the easiest way to edit, but it turned out to be much harder to do. Because of our choice, we had to constantly replay and refer to the clip and the script. I do feel like it was a shame that we did not get to use the master shot, and I think we can do a lot more if we choose to use the master shot.
One of our biggest challenges was the sound. Matthew and Lauren were constantly talking over each other’s lines, so it was really difficult to cut without compromising the sound. At this point, the take with slower pace became really helpful. Leatrice was able to cut around the footage to make it sound ok, and Robbie mentioned that if we have recorded sound separately, we can just overlap the soundtrack and blend them in with fade in. It would sound smoother, but we abandoned that idea since we did not have separate sound tracks for the dialogue.
Matching actions was another time consuming task that we had to accomplish. Unlike Jessie who has minimal movement, Matthew was quiet creative with his hand movements. Each take he used different kinds of hand gestures, and that made the matching very challenging. In order to match his movement, we had to extend Lauren’s shot while
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I am a really impatient person, so taking the time to organize everything and renaming them have always been a struggle for me when I am editing. I found it interesting that each group member approach the scene with a different dynamic. Some chose to make it dramatic while others liked to be comedic. Of course, those choices did not reflect on the final edit itself since they were just ideas we liked to play around with. For example, Ali suggested to make the silence moments longer in order to make the situation more

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