NT1310 Final Exam Review Essay

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Nt1310 Final Exam Review
NT1310 Final Exam Review
1. What unit of measurement is a tenfold logarithmic ratio of power output to power input?
Answer: Decibels is a unit of measurement that describes logarithmic ratio
2. What type of tool would be best for add connectors to twisted-pair cable
Answer: Crimpers
3. If the tip wire in your pair is white/blue, what color would you expect the ring to be
Answer: Blue
4. How many pairs of wires are in a binder group?
Answer: 25
5. What is added to fiber-optic cabling to provide additional support?
Answer: Nylon and Aluminum Coatings
6. What layer of the OSI reference model do routers work on?
Answer: Layer 3
7. What are examples of a makeshift tools?
Answer: Tennis Ball and Duct Tape
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What operates at the OSI Physical layer and regenerate incoming signals to all ports?
Answer: hubs
21. What operates at Layer 2 of the OSI model and provides benefit of micro-LAN segmentation
Answer: switches
22. In cabling topologies, both the bus and ring topologies are not fault-tolerant—a single fault can bring down the entire network (True or False)
Answer: true
23. For Ethernet networking, crossover cords can connect two PCs directly without any intermediate network equipment (True or False)
Answer: True
24. What is the operating frequency of the 100BaseT Ethernet LAN SYSTEM?
Answer: 31.25MHz
25. which of the following terms is used to describe the premature degrade of a signal and data lost? This signal can be measured in decibels.
Answer: attenuation
26. If a network cabling system is properly installed and tested, the fact that damage can occur to a cable, jack, or patch-panel connection can be discounted (True or False)?
Answer: False
27. When you plan a network installation, the amount of cable you allow for is always an estimate. How much amount of cable ends up as trash?
Answer: 10 – 30%
28. The subnet mask for a CIDR of /14 is?
29. What is an uplink port?
Answer: is a link between switches
30. What is the help command in the CISCO IOS?
31. The cable used to connect to the console port is called a what?
Answer: Rollover Cable
32. Serial interfaces on a

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