Nothing Is A Seven Letter Word Essay

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“Nothing” is a seven-letter word. Regardless of its small nature, however, the phrase congregates the whole message of the Swiss Village commercial into one compact word. In this context, “nothing” could refer to the activities performed by the man in a lighthearted sense. He obviously enjoys what he does at Swiss Village, so he replies with the word “nothing” to describe the simplicity of his enjoyable day. The Swiss Village commercial entices the elderly audience to join their community through persuasion, which ultimately hooks the audience into wanting to go there.
Take the case of the seven total activities completed by the man in the commercial. Each one embodied a similar significance because they all intended to uphold the purpose of the advertisement, which was to convince the viewer on coming to Swiss Village. In the first activity, the man began his journey by driving away on his moped. This scene foreshadows the man’s day because he ventures out into the realm of the community. After that, he went swimming in a nice pool. Some viewers could like to swim, so the pool would help convince more people to join. By the third activity, he went dining. For each of these leisurely activities, the man seemed as if he was relishing his time at Swiss Village.
Then in the fourth activity, the man attended aerobics. He exercised in a large group with comfortable-looking chairs, so that would entice people that want to fit their exercise in while at Swiss Village. Afterward,…

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