Notes On The Mystery Of Mystery Essay

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Mystery is My Middle Name

There was rock music blaring from somewhere inside The Tisalton Plastics, Glass, & Other Salvage Materials Yard. I could hear it clear as day as we coasted past the big new shiny sign then skidded to halt, dropping our bikes in front of Twist’s trailer. Seth and I inched toward the office through piles of parts and smashed cars missing back tires. “Evening, kids,” Eli, Twist’s slow-talking uncle grinned. His carrot-colored hair gleamed in the sun as he wiped his grease stained hands on his striped coveralls. “Solved any murders today?” “Not yet, sir,” Seth said, waving at Aunty Lila. “But it’s only five o’clock.” Uncle Eli and Aunty Lila were the only family Twist had ever known. They operated a salvage business together. Twist’s uncle collected the inventory. Twist cataloged their collections and helped with odd jobs around the yard, and his aunt handled the customers. “Come on, kids,” Aunty Lila said, sashaying toward the trailer. “I’ll fix you a fine supper. You’ve got to be hungry after your long trip and little adventure.” We followed her up the stairs and into the trailer. The place was really one long room, with a kitchenette in the front and a living room and a small bathroom in the back—so small that in order to bathe, you pretty much had to sit on the toilet. Aunty Lila turned off the music and flashed her famous ruby red pout. That and her glamorous flowing chocolate locks with the smudges of dark, mysterious eye…

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