Not Sorry, By Andi Zeisler Essay

1011 Words Nov 6th, 2014 null Page
“I’m sorry” is recognized as a phrase most women are familiar with. Studies have proved that, in fact, women apologize more than men in circumstances where they may either be the culprit or the victim. Earlier this year, the Pantene Corporation created a commercial advertisement titled “Not Sorry,” which begins by depicting the powerless roles that women play in society and ending with a self-empowering motive for all women to follow. The advertisement voices a clear message for all women to “be strong and shine,” particularly, in the presence of a man. Demonstrated throughout Andi Zeisler’s article, “Worst Sales Pitch Ever,” feminism is constantly visible in modern-day advertisements. Pantene’s “Not Sorry” advertisement focuses primarily on “selling feminism” to their consumers. Through this, the company of Pantene hope to draw the consumers’ attention back to the roles that women play in society, which ultimately challenges the notion that “post-feminism” is an occurring circumstance in society. However, they fail to deliberate the male’s perspective, therefore using masculinity to define all men and, resultantly, ignoring gender equality. First, I will begin by broadly defining gender and then give examples from the Pantene commercial of how masculinity and gender equality applies. Gender is a social construction of roles, behaviors and attributes that any given person holds as a way of identifying him/herself in society. The preferred social identity of a person’s…

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