Not Every Woman Wants to Be a Mother Essay

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Not Every Woman Wants to be a Mother

In the modern and developed world woman have many more choices than they used to have decades ago. It refers to anything you can think of: they can be married, not married, have a job, not have a job, be married with children, unmarried with children, even not to have children at all. That was definitely not a case a half of century ago. Back than it was pretty much a standard pattern which woman had to follow: get married, have children, create a family. However, not everyone was so exited about that pattern. There were woman who felt that was not right for them to have babies. Excellent example of this is “Metaphors,” a poem written about fifty years ago by American writer, Sylvia Plath. This
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She is rising as a loaf because of the yeast. Sylvia calls her unborn baby in that part “new-minted money,” probably because it’s new to the world. In addition she says that these “new-minted money” reside inside “fat purse,” that’s obviously herself. Thus, I don’t see any excitement and positive feelings about her pregnancy in these lines.
In the final part (third trimester) I can see that she feels extremely despair and has a lot of negativity. It seems like she is angry with her unborn baby, because she states: “I’m a means, a stage, a cow in calf.” In the other words, she believes that she is only the means for her baby to come to this world, that after she delivers this baby she will be forgotten. Also, “cow in calf” refers to a pregnant state. Then she says that she has eaten a bag of green apples, that could mean different things. Some people believe that specifically green apples may contain some special chemical that can cause termination of the pregnancy. That may be not true, but still an opinion. Another explanation could be a bitter taste that green apples can cause, which means that she is sick and tired of being pregnant at this point. At the end of this poem she says that the only thing that left for her is to deliver this baby, because there is no way back.
Sylvia Plath’s poem is a sad description of a pregnancy. This woman was deeply unhappy with that fact. I honestly believe that it has to be serious and mature decision to have a

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