Btec Business Level 3 Unit 3

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Unit 2 Draft

Advertisements usually create an imaginary world of only showing an ideal body as people who are perfect, sexy, popular and not ugly or overweight. To promote healthier ideas of body image, companies should show more average looking people. If models had more normal body types then people would be using less severe diets and exercises to getting that desired body that they saw. There have been unhealthy ways people deal with trying to achieve the idea body type like anorexia, extreme workouts, Atkin’s diet, calorie counting and more. People would not walk to the ends of the earth if there were normal people they could look up to instead of airbrushed creatures. Ads should promote safe eating and exercise habits and not use media just to sell products.

Men’s magazines take a different stance for what the idea men’s body should look like, but it is still a nearly impossible and unhealthy model. The magazines promote high protein and low carb intake and excessive painful workouts. Men are told to take pride in their muscles since that is
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Over the years citizens have become close-minded about accepting obesity because fat is seen as un-attractive and untrendy. Even women’s clothing had become smaller at a certain point, which is a sign that society was shifting their thought on what women’s bodies should be like. Society thinks the smaller the body the more ideal it is, (Schwartz). Especially when women try clothes on and they don’t fit, they will do anything to get to a lower size. I think its obsessive and it takes the enjoyment away from eating. Having an ideal body shouldn’t be about the number on the scale or being as small as you can, it should be a well-rounded gage of healthiness. I know that people can have a fit body without having to count calories; it’s unnatural and can lead to more serious habits that could be dangerous to ones

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