Essay about Not All Labels Are A Bad Thing

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Not All Labels Are A Bad Thing
In our society we label everything, how many calories in a candy bar, how many feet in a mile how, many people live in a city, yet we can 't label a GMO food as it is. For clarity, a GMO or genetically modified organism is an organism whose genome has been altered by the techniques of genetic engineering so that its DNA contains one or more genes not normally found in the organism. Gmo 's are controversial because they are relatively new, and the long-term effects of GMO 's are unknown. Food companies oppose GMO labeling on the basis that it 's misleading towards the consumers.
We are able to get a general idea of what goes in our food and yet we are unable to complete the sentences ourselves. Perhaps it 's time to have a conversation not about what we eat but about what we know about our food. Food labeling should not be a guessing game you shouldn 't have to infer what 's in foods. The cause for concern goes beyond the potential health risks but perhaps encompasses our basic right to know what 's in foods. Not labeling GMO foods is to deny a person knowledge that might otherwise change their minds.The purpose of labeling a food GMO does not serve to condemn the food but to inform the consumer. If there is nothing to hide then teach fight darkness with light don 't just let everyone sit in the dark. The issue goes beyond safety it 's also about what 's ethical for each individual. Food companies should be required to label their foods…

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