Essay on Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland

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Conflict Research Perspectives
Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland Rhett S. Close

HUMN 305, Global Issues
Professor Bakkum
March 10, 2015
Conflict Research Perspectives
Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland
“The Troubles” as commonly known to the people of Ireland is the conflict that has been raging between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland since the 1960’s. This conflict has been defined as a religious one between the Republic of Ireland (Catholic) and Northern Ireland (Protestant). The more recognized believe that it is in reference to the political issue of separating from Britain such as the Republic did or staying “loyal to the crown” as Northern Ireland has. The final point is the hostile actions
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They feel that they are loyal to and a part of the British crown. They contest that they were involved in any type of religious or political persecution. In fact, Northern Ireland maintains that they suffered the brunt of violent protest and unrest for the last hundred years. Northern Ireland has to do nothing more than point to the IRA, a violent terrorist group hell bent on unifying Ireland. Thousands have died at the hands of these terrorist. Their barbaric attacks and car bombings have killed countless civilians, military troops and police officers. Northern Ireland has been subject to inequality from the media and peace attempts have often been down played by the outside world. Northern Ireland committed to working with religious equality in the late 1990’s and stands by the fact that the Republic of Ireland has made few similar attempts (BBC, n.d.)
My belief is that both sides have valid points, however used violence in intolerance to “force” the other side into submission. Northern Ireland used brutal “police state” tactics to ensure the loyalist were protected and drive out those who did not agree. The Republic of Ireland used terrorist tactics in an attempt to defeat and overthrow the British role. Both sides have valid points, but both addressed the situation in the wrong way.
Both sides have global support, however the tactics used were heavily criticized. The religious oppression in Northern Ireland was also

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