Norman Had An All Conger Wedding Essay

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Norman had an all Conger wedding marrying Frances Rebecca Warren (b 1892) on January 31st 1907 at the bride’s father John’s home. Frances was only 15 years old at the time with a background of poverty and, was, in addition to that, John’s illegitimate daughter. He never tried to hide the fact of his relationship to Frances’ mother Sarah Amelia Smith.
Norman, like his older brothers John and Josh and second cousin John William (a son of Levi), moved in 1911, west to Saskatchewan being granted land in 1923 (Parts: NW, Section: 18, Township: 53, Range: 6, Meridian: W3). This land abutted John William’s directly to the north in Prince Albert. Both John William and Herbert started as labourers in a sawmill in their new homeland.

By 1901 Alexander and Harriet stayed by Otter Lake (Lot 8 Con. 26) near the McDonald’s farming on his 50 acres of land. As he was getting older, 67 at the time they had young 19 year old David Stiles lodging with them to give them a hand. David would be marrying a Vankoughnett girl soon. All of Alexander and Harriet’s offspring were adults and living back in Collingwood with the exception of Willow and Julie Ann. Willow had married Alfred A. Haystead in June 1898 and Julie Ann, Thomas Harvey Henderson back in 1884.
The pull of Collingwood, where most of Alex and Harriet’s children and grandchildren lived, was strong and they ended up moving between Parry Sound and Collingwood according to season. The winters were spent in Collingwood till spring in their…

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