The Importance Of Nonverbal Communication In Nursing

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Despite the fluctuating circumstances and daily obstacles, a competent nurse continually strives to maintain a therapeutic relationship with their patients. Therapeutic relationships require the highest degree of professional communication. Effective communication skills extend far beyond the limits of verbal communication. Nonverbal communication encompasses a wide range of factors, including: kinesics, eye movement, and facial expressions. 55% of a message is conveyed through nonverbal components; if these components are neglected, the nurse will be unable to effectively communicate with the patient (Mandal, 2014). Maintaining a professional relationship is dependent on the nurse’s ability to recognize the patient’s nonverbal messages. The proper use of nonverbal communication skills is essential in ensuring a therapeutic nurse-patient …show more content…
Cultural and social norms vary among patients and are mainly expressed in nonverbal communications. The patient’s perception of the nurse is crucial to ensuring a professional therapeutic relationship. If the patient deems the nurse incapable, it will impede the development of the therapeutic relationship. Nonverbal communication plays a massive role in providing insight to the patient’s condition. A nurse’s ability to interpret and respond according to these subtle nonverbal forms of communication is required to implement the proper support systems. Enhancing client care through the correct support systems is achieved when nonverbal communication skills are utilized and recognized. Nonverbal communication skills are involved in many complex social interactions. They are subtle and require the utmost attention to properly analyze. If a nurse is able to infer these nonverbal communications, it allows them to greatly enhance the safety and care of a

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