Verbal And Non Verbal Communication Research

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Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
Communication is key to any health-care professionals in giving the best possible care to any client. Health-professionals such as nurses cannot afford any communication errors, especially dealing with someone else’s life. During the resident care conference for our group went according to plan. The group adopted a supportive communication technique based on mutual respect and that everyone has the right to express and share ideas and information, aim’s communication at solving the problem while creating multiple ways in solving the problem (Beebe, Beebe, Redmond, Geerinck, & Salem-Wiseman, 2015). The conference started when the health-care team acknowledges the presence of the daughter and the client and
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Group dynamics are influenced by the motivation, participation and the similarity of the members and the goal of the group (Kozier et al, 2014). As mentioned before, the group adapted a supportive communication technique. The health-care team actively listened to the daughter’s concerns for her mother’s declining health status. Different health care professionals offfered their own knowledge and set of expertise, even though some of them were not present, the health care team was able to create multiple interventions in the patient’s plan of care. The social worker made sure the client was well treated and attended to by directing the questions and allowing time to respond. On the other hand, the daughter was aggressive in her approach, but that didn’t let the health-care team create a conflict. Instead they were able to collaborate to create multiple interventions. Also, the Food and Nutrition Manager as well as the RPN were too passive in their approach in the conference, but still contributed through the encouragement of the social worker. In a group, it is very imporant for the members to behave accordingly to avoid any distruption and to promote a smooth flow of communication. Group dynamics is important in order to expand the exploration of the different alternatives without a …show more content…
The conference showed me the benefits such as having first-hand knowledge and expertise from the other health-care team members. Not only having to approach the problem from a nurse’s point of view but having the Food and Nutrition Management and the client and the daughter’s point of view. The more data that the nurse can collect the better prepared he/she is to approach any problems that may arise. Throughout the conference, I felt that everyone showed respect which builds trust among the team members. Then lead to a more efficient and a very effective care conference. Inter-professional collaboration should be encouraged throughout the health care

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