Nonjudgmental Counseling Reflection

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Today I would like to reflect on my first client experience in therapy and how it has helped me to discover my standpoint for the profession. At the beginning of the semester I came to the realization that I need to go to see a counselor – I wanted to become more aware of myself, to experience the process from a client’s perspective, and to sort out some stuff that bothered me unconsciously for a couple of years.
Our theory class helped me a lot with realizing whom I want to see; however, since we have learned only half of the theories and I was not certain if I make the right choice. I knew that I existential, Adlerian or Freudian approaches would not be the best option for me, as what I have learned about those theories did not amplify the
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When I was thinking about the therapeutic process before, I knew that there has to be a “structure” – it is not a regular conversation (even it looks like one often times), and the helper is steering the dialog into the most productive way. However, when I have read about the nonjudgmental listening cycle (NLC) I realized that whenever the client opens a new topic, encounters difficulty, has a crisis, or needs to explain, the helper starts a new listening cycle, which consists of an open question, minimal encouragers, door opener, paraphrasing, reflections of feeling, reflection of meaning and …show more content…
Alicia, 18 year-old student, was sent by her mom for counseling because she was unhappy about her daughter’s behavior and acting out within the past 3 weeks. Being school’s volleyball team leader, Alicia was suspended from final games for the state cup because of her poor grades and non-commitment to classes recently. The client is angry about this situation, stating that the teacher is unfair to her and feels misunderstood. However, Alicia does not want to disclose to anyone at school that she recently started medication prescribed by psychiatrist, stating that it embarrassing for her to tell the truth to the teachers and classmates. Alicia has no friends, and the only support is her

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