Essay about No Rules On The Enforcement Of Secondary Education

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10.1) until about one hundred years ago there was no rules regarding the enforcement of secondary education. The only education most people received was their primary or grade school education, as we call it today. You were more likely to continue if you had money, and were a male. Secondary or higher education was expensive, and the average person most likely couldn’t afford to send their children; most low class families were big, and they were lucky to all finish primary school at all because the children old enough to work were made to get jobs to help support their big family. There was indeed a gender gap because demons, and young girls of age were not seen as fit to have a very high education because there work consisted of working around the home, washing, cooking, cleaning, and caring for the younger children. Men were seen as needing to be more educated if they could afford it because they made most of the decisions, and most of the money. During the age of adolescence however, this took a drastic change for the better, secondary education became the norm and was starting to be enforced in the school all over the world. In developing countries few finish primary school just like it was in the beginning for us because they have to get a job to support their family, again males are likely to go over females because their work is at home, they are also used for bordering and sex trafficking to help their family out of doubt most not by choice. The enforcing of the new…

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