No One Is Illegal By United States A Country That Repress Their Immigrants

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Is the United States a country that repress their immigrants? In the book of “No one is illegal” Chacón and Davis stated that “what truly demarcates the United States is not so much the scale and frequency of state repression, but rather the extraordinary centrality of institutionalized private violence in the reproduction of the racial and social order. No European society tolerated such a large, nearly permanent sphere of repressive activity and summary justice by non-state actors” (p.15) The way I can explain this quote is by understanding what Chacon and Davis were trying to say, they basically explain that the U.S.A has been the only country who has been a big impact towards immigrants. No other Europeans countries had dealt with much as the U.S.A by bringing in immigrants, but even though we have done a good thing in taking in other people, we as a country have been harsh toward them. The beginning was with the Native American and stealing their land away and then we as country thought that it is now our land, but from the start we never admit that we did steal it away. Another element that I took away from reading this quote is also that not all countries are perfect, but the U.S.A has showed huge problems in maintaining peace with their immigrants coming into America. If you said you are the land of free opportunities then why will you treat your people with dishonesty and treat them as if they were criminals hurting or even destroying your country. This land had…

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