Essay about No Fan Of Anime ' I Heard It Was A Remarkable Show '

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Being a huge fan of anime, I watched No.6 because I heard it was a remarkable show. No.6 is about a utopian city, No.6, and the impact it has on two teenagers, Shion and Nezumi. For Shion, the brown-haired, sensitive, caring, elite student, life is painstakingly choreographed. He goes to school every day, studies after school, and talks to his companion and colleague Safu. On a rainy day, Shion opens his window and starts screaming out of nowhere. Little did Shion know that because of that irrational act he would meet Nezumi, the black-haired, wise, skillful convict.
At that time, Nezumi was running for his life from the No.6’s correctional facility guards and when he heard Shion’s screams, he runs to Shion’s house to hide and rest. Shion being a caring guy, takes a misstep, and shelters Nezumi and heals his wounds. When Shion realizes that Nezumi is a fugitive, he helps him escape without a trace. Because of that action, Shion had to leave his affluent neighborhood, Chronos, and live in the suburbs called the Lost Town. Four years later, Shion starts working for the city and one day when he enters his office, he sees his co-worker dead and a wasp coming out of his neck. A few minutes later he gets arrested because he’s alleged of murder and for doubting No.6’s system. When Shion was on his way to the correctional facility, Nezumi rescues him and brings him to the West Block, a place outside of No.6. Not very long after Shion started living with Nezumi, Shion noticed that…

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