Nissan Motor Company Ltd: Marketing Plan Essay

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Marketing Plan for Nissan Motor Company Ltd.
I. Executive Summary The demand on our nation's automotive industry is tougher than ever. Rising consumer costs and environmental concerns are changing driver's buying habits like never before. The future generation of drivers will evaluate a car's performance and price just as much as its impact on global climate conditions and Nissan is responding to the challenge. By 2011, we're releasing a new line of clean diesel-powered vehicles, the Maxima and the Titan. Our diesel engines vary from the traditional black smoke spewing diesel engines of the past. Our engines are redesigned and run with an improved performance battery. For a little more than a conventional gas engine, consumers will have
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Our plan will demonstrate how we will introduce our diesel-powered line of vehicles to our target market, which we determine are younger environmentally conscious consumers. Careful planning, research, and marketing of our plan will be utilized to ensure successful entrance into the market.
Keys to Success
Nissan Corporation recognizes the need for clean diesel fuel to a younger environmentally aware buyer. The keys to successful market and distribution of these vehicles are the promotion and advertisement, reliability, maintainability, quality, and price.
Along with strong advertising, Nissan will also focus on reliability. Extensive research and development in crash testing, product reliability, and statistical analysis of key performance components are means to attracting the target market. The warranty and service requirements of the Maxima and the Titan includes; a 3 year warranty to any local authorized Nissan Dealer, extra bells and whistles available for up grade and security of knowing that Nissan stands behind their vehicles (Nissan USA, 2007). Comparisons to Toyota, Acura and Honda will demonstrate the value and quality that Nissan expresses in each vehicle produced. In an economy that is stricken by extreme fuel prices and mortgage volatility, low price is the answer to the overall success of these vehicles.
Critical issues
During a current board meeting these

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